5 April 2019 – (week 01)-
Ahmed Baahy Suhail (0333925)
Typography_ Exercises


Lecture 01
5 April 2019 (week 01)
In the first class of Typography, we were briefed on all the projects and exercises. Afterwards, Mr Vinod and Mr Shamsul told us in detail about all the requirements we need to fulfill in our blog. We spent the rest of the day being guided on how to use WordPress. It took some time to figure out how to maneuver through this platform since it is pretty new to most of us, even our lecturers. After we were done navigating through the blog setup, we were briefed on our first exercise and proceeded to sketch out some ideas. I also learnt something new by the end of the day which was the difference between calligraphy and lettering. Calligraphy is written out whereas Lettering is drawn out.

Lecture 02
12 April 2019 (week 02)



Week 01
Exercise 01
Our first exercise was to pick one of our personality types/traits and use that as inspiration for 10 possibilities of lettering using the name we prefer to be called. I had a hard time figuring out what a personality that truly reflects me as a person, so I asked my friends and I got a number of personalities they see in me. They are, quiet, reserved, introverted, goofy and funny.

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